About us

Kaf Innova Pharma offers a vast range of consultations and services in the field of medicines and nutritional supplements Our aim is to develop the most efficient products for our clients. Kaf Innova Pharma possesses the know-how for the innovative pharmaceutical technologies, which could be applied in your project.

Our professional personnel have more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research, development, production and regulatory requirements. The products we have developed, most of them protected with patents, are manufactured by the main pharmaceutical producers in Bulgaria- Balkanpharma Dupnitsa, Milve Pharmaceutical Plants, Medica Sandanski, Chimax Pharma etc.

In the consultative body of the company are present the following outstanding experts:

Kaf Innova Pharma is in a strategic collaboration with many leading scientists from the pharmaceutical industry and medicine with the aim to achieve optimal results for each developed product.